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November 11, 2012
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PKMN-Armonia: Minnie Day by fancyfur PKMN-Armonia: Minnie Day by fancyfur
:bulletblue:Name:Minnie Felicia Day
:bulletblue:Age: 16 17
:bulletblue:Gender: Female (♀)
:bulletblue:Pokémon: #184 Azumarill :iconazumarillplz:
:bulletblue:Birthday: April 29th
:bulletblue:Nature: Gentle
:bulletblue:Ability: Huge Power
:bulletblue:Hometown: Floaroma Town, Sinnoh
(Beware, it's a long one)
Minnie was born to parents Jessica and Clarence Day. The young couple consisted of a lovely Azumarill girl and a dashing young hot shot of a Minun, respectively. They had been high school sweethearts, and now that they were married, ran a small restaurant in Floaroma Town together. They weren’t rich, but they had more than enough money to successfully raise their young daughter and pay the mortgage on their home.
As for Minnie’s view of the world at that time? As a child especially she was enamored with her parents and the new world she’d been brought into. The little Azurill was a little clumsy but was never treated badly for it—she was treated with nothing but affection and encouragement from her parents. But after a while, it was time for Minnie to step into the real world and begin her education in preschool.
Minnie always did well in school. She had a good amount of friends and was good at following directions, so it wasn’t a particular struggle, especially in her earlier years. But other problems would arise at that time. When she was younger, her mother stayed home to look after her. But later, her mother would not always be able to skip out on work. With no one at home after school, the girl was instructed to instead come to her parents’ restaurant.
Here, things were a bit different. It wasn’t the forgiving, learning environment she was accustomed to at home and in school, now there were customers that had to be pleased—a job and a living on the line. Minnie’s parents were always in the kitchen, and while they did their jobs Minnie would sit in one of the storage rooms, playing with her toys.
Although she was told never to go inside the kitchen, curiosity nagged at her. She found her way to the bustling area and hardly big enough to be noticed, she ended up tripping up a Garchomp waiter and causing a mess of plates and spilt food. The reaction from her parents here wasn’t the same as their reaction might have been if she’d made this mishap at home.
Her stressed parents scolded her, and sent her back to the room with a clear warning not to come out again. Minnie was startled by how her parents had acted towards her—it hardly even seemed like them to do something like that. She made sure now to go straight to the back room, with her toys and her coloring books and her homework, and never to come out again.
The apology came a few days later from her father. He explained that he hadn’t meant to scold her in that way for an innocent mistake, but it was very important what they did in the restaurant. He told her that one day, she could work in the restaurant just like her parents. But Minnie wasn’t satisfied with “one day…”—she wanted to help as soon as possible if it meant making her parents happy. So, making a quick compromise in order to please his daughter, he started Minnie out washing dishes.
Her Huge Power ability posed a huge problem at her new “job”. She broke more dishes than she washed at first. But now, she knew that she couldn’t just leave messes around, like she could before she had started school. She grew efficient, at both fixing up the messes of broken china and handling dishes. Over time she broke less and less plates, and by third grade Minnie wasn’t breaking anything anymore. Minnie’s parents were proud of how good their daughter was getting at her job, and Minnie herself was just happy to be pleasing her parents.
As she grew older Minnie became even more efficient. Throughout fifth and sixth grade she was allowed to wait tables. But problems arose from this, as the lanky Garchomp waiter she’d had an incident with years before hadn’t forgotten how she’d gotten him in trouble with the boss. He pushed her on multiple occasions and framed it on Minnie’s clumsiness and lack of balance. Minnie took the heat on these sorts of problems, blaming herself and her own issues with breaking things.
This wasn’t the only issue. Some of the customers at the restaurant weren’t the nicest. They would yell at her and berate her service, criticizing both how much she dropped dishes and also unsubstantial things that tore at Minnie’s self esteem—things like that her voice was obnoxious, that the food was always cold when she got it to them, and that her service overall was horrible. This became hard to handle, especially when her parents were also getting a little tired of how many times she fell over on the job. She was inches away from getting demoted back to dishes or worse.
But one day, the Garchomp pushed Minnie—and it happened to be under the watchful eyes of Minnie’s mother. This was when it all became clear—the Garchomp hated Minnie and been pushing her all this time in hopes of getting her demoted or kicked out of the restaurant. Minnie’s mother shouted at him for a long while and had him promptly fired. Minnie became liberated of her major problems at the time—for one, she had an easier time handling the customers without thinking she was horribly clumsy all the time and that it was all her fault, and they ended up a little nicer because of this.
But she had other things to worry about, like junior high school for example. School, too, had become harder than it had been. Her grades weren’t quite perfect any more—passing, but she struggled trying to juggle between school and the restaurant now. Rumors were spread around and complications were everywhere. It was a rough transition—for any preteen, really.
A good part to this, though, was that partway through seventh grade year she evolved. Her social life, likewise, had evolved—she’d made some of the strongest bonds in Junior High, moreso than elementary. It was in seventh grade she met her closest friend, a transfer student named Jasmine. The two related a lot on terms of personality—something that hit close to home for Minnie was Jasmine’s loss of her mother. Sometimes, Jasmine would even come by to help with the restaurant. It helped relieve some of her stress, but there were still problems with her life.
For example, Minnie knew she’d be inheriting the restaurant. Her parents were getting older—in fact, her mother was rather weak and growing closer to retirement by the day. She’d had a small medical issue during Minnie’s eighth grade year that had reminded the whole family of their own mortalities. She could handle most of it— but her issue was with what would seem to be a very crucial component to owning a restaurant.
No matter how hard she tried, Minnie just couldn’t cook. She knew she would have to cook eventually—after all, eventually, once her parents retired she would be running the restaurant—and you can’t run a restaurant alone if you can’t make food. It had always been one of her weak points—just one of those things she wasn’t so good at, no matter how hard she wanted to be. Maybe it was her clumsy paws that screwed it up for her—she could handle plates, but trying to intricately pour so many ingredients was just too much.
But still, she tried. In eighth grade she took a culinary class—that had been one of her worst ideas yet. While Jasmine seemed to actually like the cooking, Minnie had nearly blown up the oven and ended up transferred out by a very angry cooking teacher. So her cooking education became a strictly at-home affair, taught by her mother and sometimes Jasmine during their spare time. It didn’t get much better, but at least she wasn’t exploding anything anymore.
After a long summer, wrapping up her at-home cooking class, she entered high school as a freshman. Again, the difficulty steeped, and she became busier and more stressed. She was always working during the week, be it at school or at the restaurant or even late nights at home, when she wasn’t sleeping. Her weekends, now, were spent either doing family related things or catching up on assignments she hadn’t got time to do during the week. She still took out time for her social life—but this time became less and less, and by the end of the year Jasmine was the only friend she really kept.
This continued through sophomore year. The work was harder, and of course Minnie wouldn’t give up her job on the restaurant. Jasmine was still around helping, but Minnie’s sleep deprived life made her argue with the sweet Lopunny, more than they had ever argued before. With the Azumarill’s grades beginning to drop, and with more and more nights spent cramming for tests, she drifted farther and farther away from every friend she had. The restaurant didn’t help matters, either. She was still working as a waitress—and her mother was sick again.
Minnie’s life became nothing but work, and her friends began to leave her. After a particularly bad argument, she even lost Jasmine—the one friend that she really held close to her. After a while, the Lopunny stopped coming to the restaurant, leaving Minnie to fend for herself and to carry all of the work around the restaurant that her parents and the workers didn’t already take care of.
By the end of the year, Minnie had evolved and passed her exams, but had become despondent and exhausted. Now that her friend had gone, she felt hollow from the inside. She couldn’t reach out to Jasmine any more—the fact was, the Lopunny had been hurt by all of Minnie’s pointless arguments and had since moved on from her close friend. The normally happy young Azumarill tried to be glad, but while feeling so conflicted on the inside she couldn’t muster the energy. Throughout the summer she lived constantly in dread of the school year to come—where she would find herself with no one to lean on and an even bigger work load.
Minnie’s parents, at this time, recognized the change that had taken place in their daughter. They realized that the amount of stress she was going through made her lifestyle unhealthy—working the restaurant wasn’t worth this for the usually gentle, sweet-natured girl. Guilt had set in—they felt responsible for it to some extent since they’d kept her working as a waitress throughout her teenage years. They looked into things that might improve her lifestyle, and finally stumbled upon Armonia.
Mr. and Mrs. Day introduced the school to their daughter-- a place where she could learn to appreciate education more and hopefully focus more on her own life than just work. The young Azumarill was at first horror-stricken by the idea of leaving the restaurant, but her parents assured her that they’d be able to take care of it on their own. Minnie’s mother had recovered, more or less, and was getting ready to start work again at the restaurant.
Without the concern of the restaurant, Minnie could accept her parents’ offer and start going to school at the mysterious island. Her hopes are that maybe she can build a new life for herself there, one where she can do more than just work and actually make some real friends for herself. Although she is intimidated by that she has to get used to being around probably hundreds of new faces and has to get used to a new school, she is excited for a very new chapter in her life and a chance to find her happiness again.
:bulletblue:Summary characteristic: Highly persistent
Cooking-Although Minnie still isn’t the best at cooking, she can prepare some simple dishes and doesn’t blow up ovens any more. She prefers not to discuss exactly her history with cooking, though.
Writing poems-Minnie actually likes writing short little poems, it helps pass the time and alleviates negative emotions. She got into this in junior high before she had many friends, and still does it time to time now when she has emotion she needs to let out.
Yoga-Something Minnie's mother has always been into, has now become her daughter's favorite stress relieving habit. She doesn't like people to watch her doing it--for whatever reason, she's bashful about the fact. She owns a yoga mat and often does yoga when she's under the most stress.
:iconwatertypeplz: Surf-It swamps the area around the user with a giant wave. It can also be used for crossing water.
:iconwatertypeplz: Aqua Tail- The user attacks by swinging its tail as if it were a vicious wave in a raging storm.
:iconnormaltypeplz: Encore (egg)- The user compels the target to keep using only the move it last used for three turns.
:iconnormaltypeplz: Helping Hand- The user assists an ally by boosting the power of its attack.
Minnie is generally good-natured, and enjoys socializing with others. She is gentle and sympathetic to those going through a hard time and tends to be good at relating with people and helping them cheer up when they’re down. Usually she has an optimistic disposition and tries to mask her nerves with a hopeful attitude; however that’s not to say that she doesn’t worry sometimes. She has a tendency to suffer with anxiety at times and folds under extreme pressure, often becoming irritable and stressed. She is persistent and tries very hard to be successful no matter what, often overreacting to failure. In this way she is a bit of a perfectionist—also in way of that she tries to make everyone happy and tries not to hurt anyone. Additionally, she is a bit...socially awkward. She never used to go to social gathering type things during her past due to constantly being busy doing other things, and now when she does she has no idea what she's doing or how to talk to other people any more.
:bulletwhite: She stands at about 5"2
:bulletwhite: You probably wouldn't hear it straight from her, but she's a bit of a hopeless romantic--even though she hasn't had a lot of experience with that sort of thing.
:bulletwhite: She still writes her mother back at home, just to keep in touch since her family is very important to her
:bulletwhite: Her name is kind of a pun...a really obvious one
:bulletwhite: She hates loud noises and is easily startled, as she has very sensitive ears
:bulletwhite: She doesn't like crowds much and prefers to stick in small groups.
:bulletwhite: Tends to wear a lot of pink...and white, and other light colors like aqua.
:bulletwhite: She was sorted into Fable house
:bulletwhite: She really likes combing her hair :stare: Don't ask me why. I guess it tangles easily and she brushes it out a lot
:bulletwhite: She often speaks in an awkward sort of way
:bulletwhite: She doesn't know how to react really when someone compliments her or flirts with her (aside from blushing uncontrollably)
:bulletwhite: She emotes with her ears. So for example, her ears tend to perk up when she's happy and excited, and droop when she's sad or disappointed. Just basic stuff
:bulletwhite: She has a LOT of trouble expressing herself around people she doesn't know too well but after a while she tends to open up to others.
:bulletwhite: She has no idea about relationships whatsoever and how to be a good girlfriend, so if she tries to give relationship advice don't take it
:bulletwhite: You might wonder, she was a waitress, why does she have trouble talking to people? xD Well in Minnie's mind "customers" and "friends" are different entirely--kind of a block in her mind, really. If she got out of that block she'd probably be able to talk to people more easily.
Well, *Oranguin convinced me into trying out for :iconpkmn-armonia: This took me forever to complete, but I think it was worth it v_v Let's just cross our fingers and hope for the best...!
OH and here is Minnie's character account! ~MinnieDay

Edit:I got accepted wojrojoiqmfnoe <33
Thank you so much *Oranguin :iconmonkeyloveplz:
Edit 2: Yeah updated to the 2.0 digital version <3 hope you like it!
Edit 3: Updated to 3.0! This version, still digital, just looks a LOT more polished than the old one did.
Edit 4: LOL I updated it again, 3.0 was bugging me. So have a 4.0...hopefully this one stays for a while xD;
Edit 5 3/27/13: I promise I'm not done updadting this...v5 |D
Edit 6 7/20/13: Version 6. Do I get the reward for the most amount of app updates yet???
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