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PKMN ARMONIA APP: Carter by fancyfur PKMN ARMONIA APP: Carter by fancyfur
So DWMA wasn't working for this guy and I am moving him to :iconpkmn-armonia:, changed some stuff. YES, he is replacing Minnie and Giselle. They weren't really working for me so instead I present to you a character I have a lot of fun rping xD

:iconfirebendingplz:NAME: Carter Andrew Blythe

:iconfirebendingplz:AGE: 15

:iconfirebendingplz:GENDER: Male

:iconfirebendingplz:POKÉMON: #058 Growlithe

:iconfirebendingplz:BIRTHDAY: June 30th

:iconfirebendingplz:NATURE: Naive: Displaying a lack of experience, wisdom, or judgment

:iconfirebendingplz:ABILITY: Flash Fire: It powers up Fire-type moves if it's hit by one.

:iconfirebendingplz:HOMETOWN: Sunyshore City, Sinnoh

:iconfirebendingplz:HISTORY: Carter was born the 2nd son of a meek mother Arcanine, and an unknown father who left too soon for the boy to possibly recognize him or know anything about him. He had an older brother who was three years his senior, called Chase. They were always pretty well off, and the children were able to reside in beautiful Sunyshore through their whole childhood. Their mother was always busy with her job in order to keep this financial status, but in turn they got to stay in a nice home, with all the provisions they could possibly need. As Carter grew, his mother was often absent at times where she would usually be watching him. Instead, Chase began to take care of his brother (at a minimal level, of course). Carter began to look up to him immensely, and took to copying everything that his elder brother did--mistakes and all, he wanted to be "just like that".

This habit wasn't forgotten as the children grew older. Going into elementary school, Carter tagged along with his brother, however that came with the cost of many of Chase's older friends. Chase, already a bit challenged with certain things after losing his father and feeling like he had to fend for himself, wasn't going to put up with being humiliated. He often cussed and shouted at his younger brother to try and get him to go away. The little Growlithe was less than the sharpest tool in the shed, and never fully understood why his brother would yell at him. Thinking it was "something older kids do", he would often copy this when they went home, only for his brother to be scolded for it by his mother. "You taught him this! Carter would never say something like that on his own." It was usually this kind of thing the Arcanine would tell Chase, and subsequently send him to his room or something like that. This made Chase even more bitter, and he began to form a strong dislike for his younger sibling because of this.

As they went into high school, Carter continued this kind of behavior and pretended to be 'cool': however, since his brother wasn't the best at this behavior either, he in turn was a failure. He had few friends, but didn't mind so much as long as he could hang out with his brother at lunch. However, Chase was hanging out with some new 'mons who didn't really want a little freshman lingering around at their table. They put him through countless mean hazing tricks. He was humiliated and laughed at countless times until finally they broke it to Carter that he was being tricked, when he wouldn't realize that they were just trying to get rid of him, and that they never wanted to be his friend.

Carter was heartbroken by this, and went crying home to his mother like the little kid he was. His mother came down on Chase hard, and ended up finding a special boarding school for him so he could learn his life lessons, called Armonia. It was supposed to be so beautiful, but Chase still went out the door complaining. Carter, in the meanwhile, started going to the high school by himself. Having heard what happened to Chase, and how he'd started crying after the hazing tricks, some kids started to tease him. He'd often break down after this happened and retreat to the boys restroom to quietly have a sobbing fit, and had made a real name for himself as the school doofus and crybaby. However, at the same time, others felt pity, like a small group of mostly girls: a Poochyena, a Minccino, a Vulpix, and a Dragonair (who was the only other male, and a little older than the other four) became his friends. They were a quieter bunch and didn't really stick up for Carter when he was bullied, but provided him the company that understood him that he'd never really had in Chase's friends.

However, later in freshman year the teasing was still relentless, and Carter's defenses were weakening. He was sick and tired of feeling so worthless and so down on himself. One of the times he had been teased, his mother caught him coming home with a bruise on one of his eyes. He'd started trying to stand up for himself and wanted to be strong like Chase, and in turn received a hard punch. His friends had abandoned him after he started to talk back and became an easier target for the bigger, stronger kids. He was very much through with being teased at that school and eventually just told his mother that he wanted to transfer out. He could never live down the bad name he'd gotten. His mother then suggested the place Chase had gone, saying it was very nice and could teach him how to yes, grow up a little since he cried so much and still acted like a twelve year old, and he could go see his brother again. She promised he would become a lot stronger and a young man by the time he was done. Looking at the beautiful pictures and encouraged by his mother's words, he eagerly filled out the application.
:iconfirebendingplz:SUMMARY CHARACTERISTIC: Somewhat stubborn
-Running: Carter was always pretty good at the timed runs in P.E. class, and due to his small weight he didn't have a lot to carry. He doesn't really practice much, nor has too much interest in a track team or anything like that...But it does help when you're dodging punches from stronger kids.
-Acting 'tough': Carter tries to copy what the cool kids say and throws "hip lingo" into his sentences from time to time.
-Wrestling/martial arts: Carter has acquired a bit of an interest in combat, since when he was hit he wanted to learn how to be strong like them. Although he's a bit flimsy and weak he really wants to get on some sort of wrestling team at Armonia. He has a little set of weights his mother gave him as a good-bye present that he often will use in the dorms in an attempt to become stronger.
:iconfiretypeplz: Fire Fang: The user bites with flame-cloaked fangs. It may also make the foe flinch or sustain a burn.
:iconnormaltypeplz: Roar: The target is scared off and switched. In the wild, a battle against a single Pokemon ends. *Note: This move isn't really completely mastered and Carter doesn't exactly have the scariest roar as of yet
:iconpsychictypeplz: Agility: The user relaxes and lightens the body to move faster. It sharply boosts the Speed stat.
:iconfiretypeplz: Fire Spin (egg): The target becomes trapped within a fierce vortex of fire that rages for four to five turns.
:iconfirebendingplz:FAVORITE FLAVOR: Sour
:iconfirebendingplz:HOUSE: Tesla
:iconfirebendingplz:SCHOOL SCHEDULE:
• History
• Battle
• Math (II)
• Writing
• Science
• Health + Sex Ed
• Gym
• Tech Ed
• Literature
• Survival
:bulletorange: A bit of a crybaby, although not quite as openly as he used to be.
:bulletorange: Tries to be tough and in that he is extremely reckless. Often has bandages in various places due to failed stunt attempts (he hasn't pulled off a serious stunt once.)
:bulletorange: Tends to respond to teasing with half-hearted sass, he's not very good at standing up for himself but he sure will try.
:bulletorange: He's a pretty loyal friend, he likes to think his friends should be able to rely on him as their leader and not think of him as a flake.
:bulletorange: Arrogant at first, but easily scared and easily convinced out of his cockiness if you use force or insults.
:bulletorange: The tough guy thing is a total ruse, and it's really easy to figure that out even just by the way Carter speaks.
:bulletorange: His ultimate dream is to become an Arcanine like his mom, and due to this he might be more gravitated towards students who share the species of his mother to get their 'knowledge' of being evolved.
:bulletorange: Despite his dad being gone, he will brush it off and really it doesn't affect him much. To him, his mother has always been enough and he doesn't really miss the spot in his family quite so much as his brother did.
:bulletorange: His dad's species is unknown, but due to his egg move the species is either Vulpix, the Ponyta line, Flareon, the Chimchar line, Torkoal, Heatmor, or Torchic. Which of these he was is knowledge only really held by his mother and Chase.
:bulletorange: His zodiac signs are Tiger in eastern Zodiac and Cancer in western zodiac. He'll often share these with girls if he is trying his hand at flirting.
:bulletorange: Speaking of flirting, Carter is a bit of a flirt himself, albeit an absoloutely TERRIBLE one.
:bulletorange: Heterosexual. But not really looking, or well, he could be considered LOOKING for a relationship but honestly he is not good enough with girls to really pull one off. Really, if it happens, it happens.
:bulletorange: His brother, Chase, attends Armonia as well. He's 18 and an Arcanine. (He'll be added in as an NPC later)
:bulletorange: Height: 5'3, Weight: 110 lbs
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yay for carter!~
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Aww he looks Cute Fade :3

Peter: Welcome to Tesla House Carter!
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