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July 27, 2013
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PKMC: Cristina app by fancyfur PKMC: Cristina app by fancyfur
:iconpkmn-crossing: I said I wouldn't...but :stare:
Edit: eee I am accepted into the group <3 If anyone wants to RP with Cristina then they are welcome to ; v ; Just contact me via comment or note or something, + I'll have a deviation up soon for comment RPs!
Edit 2: New art, since the old one was done during the wee hours of the morning trying to rush for the opening.
Edit 3: Another art update for fall and all that >v<

"I'm just gonna keep trying until I find something I love! After all, if we don't make ourselves happy, what do we live for, scallop?"

:iconheartblueplz:NAME: Cristina Larson
:iconheartblueplz:SPECIES: #502 Dewott :icondewottplz:
:iconheartblueplz:GENDER: Female (♀)
:iconheartblueplz:BIRTHDAY: March 22nd
:iconheartblueplz:ZODIAC: Aries (♈)
:iconheartblueplz:AGE: 22
:iconheartblueplz:NATURE: Relaxed: Cristina prefers not to take things too seriously, just in general. She wants to take life at her own pace and the way she was raised she has a bit of an aversion to the stiffer sort of people. Tends not to say anything even if she is in disagreement with something and avoids conflict. She's a big procrastinator and won't do things until the last second, so in general is quite lazy. She tells herself she's still getting settled into the area and wants to relax for a while. She often occupies her time doing a variety of odd things and is determined to find something she's good at, but from time to time does lapse into giving up. Cristina is also mostly independent, and doesn't rely too much on others, although she does have attachments to her friends and family more as people that make her smile and laugh than anything. She's not really the type who's afraid to be alone, though.
:iconheartblueplz:CHARACTERISTIC: Often dozes off
:iconheartblueplz:CATCHPHRASE: “scallop!"
:iconheartblueplz:JOB: Currently unemployed, but she'll work whatever odd job is lying around. While it may not seem like it she does have some desire to find something she's good at.
:iconheartblueplz:HOME TOWN: Olivine City, Johto
:iconheartblueplz:HISTORY: Living in Olivine City, there was a Samurott and a Floatzel. The two had met via coaching a swim team, and had struck a particular chord with each other. Through a few years together, their friendship blossomed into a fruitful marriage. The two bought a good sized house, the swimming pool and team that they'd once worked for, and had a daughter. That daughter was a baby Oshawott named Cristina, and although throughout her young life they were quite hard on her, they had always made their affections known. From a young age she was a quieter girl, who went along with most things. As a water-type Pokemon, being naturally talented in the pool, she didn't mind so much that her parents put the pressure on to become a star swimmer. She could do it just fine, and it didn't really feel like work to her. At this point she wasn't really thinking about her future, and it was easier just to go along with what they wanted. Plus, she had made a few friends in her class; actually, that was the primary reason why she never complained in the first place.
As she grew older she continued to pursue swimming in addition to her school career. School was never of the highest concern for Cristina’s family: instead they pushed her to swim more and more, instead of pursuing any honors or higher level classes. Their dream for her was for her to eventually become a swim coach, so education wasn’t really necessary, aside from that she would have to eventually attend water safety type classes in order to teach. Although in the past she had tended to simply go along with the things her parents had said, the drive for her to swim was gone. She was about to graduate high school, and all of her friends were finishing up college registration or getting part time jobs to help pay for apartments, university, and so on. While she herself wouldn't be able to attend due to tightness in money, her lack of registration before hand, and mediocre grades, there was a deep seated envy there that she just couldn't shake. But regardless, she didn't really want to disappoint her parents, so she started taking water safety classes in order to become a swim coach like they had wanted her to.
A while after joining these, she decided to herself that it definitely wasn't something she was interested in doing, at least not for the rest of her life. She felt like she'd seen everything she needed to see of the water, and wanted to at least be able to try other things, and shape her own life. And besides, sitting around outside the pool watching kids swim--while it sounded kind of nice, it also sounded boring. She quit the classes and approached her parents, for once in her life, about her issues with swimming. It came out as a long rant that ended in her parents being utterly shocked. It was hard for them to accept this new development, but in the end they couldn't force Cristina to do anything that she was this set against doing. She also told them she wanted to move out, to somewhere she could finally figure things out on her own, and think about what she was going to do with her life...maybe get a job, and start saving for community college...or maybe just relax for a while. The countryside? That sounded really nice compared to busy Olivine City, now didn't it?
• She likes to dabble in arts--but is honestly quite clumsy, and never makes it that far in anything she tries.
• Cristina isn't the smartest in school. She never took any honors but wasn’t the dumbest in class either. You could call it mediocre.
• She's pretty relaxed, most of the time, and likes taking it easy despite her busy life before. Additionally, she sleeps a lot.
• She doesn’t care to keep in touch with her parents a lot.
• Move set: Razor Shell, Water Pulse, Rest (tm), Waterfall
:new:Her K.K. song, as in the one that would play in her room in the game, would be "Wandering".
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Kaitanium Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Congrats on getting in!! She is just too cute!!!

I would just love to rp with this cite if you agree!!!
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thank you! <3
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ahh thank you very much! ; v ; We can totally do that, yes :'D I need to get her to meet people pff xD
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