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July 2, 2013
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DWMA:: Seren Application by fancyfur DWMA:: Seren Application by fancyfur
2nd character for :iconthe-pokemon-dwma: U v U Since Carter's a guy and a meister and all, I figure I'd make a weapon girl. I really like this little lady and I hope you all will too!
Her partner is ~TylerAqua's character Willis U o U [link]
:iconflowerhdplz:Name: Seren Woods

:iconflowerhdplz:Age: 16 years
Birthday: November 17
Zodiac: Scorpio, Rat.

:iconflowerhdplz:Gender: Female (♀)

:iconflowerhdplz:Nature: Hasty.

:iconflowerhdplz:Weapon: Battle axe

:iconflowerhdplz:History: Born in New York City on a cool November day, to two wealthy businesspeople—a Sawsbuck and a Zebstrika, Seren was the final child, having two elder brothers named Tanner and Ryder. Seren was never the shy type, a very loud and chubby baby that always seemed to make her brothers, eight and five years older respectively, laugh. She always liked to talk about how she wanted to be just like Mom and Dad and Tanner and wanted to be working and wanted to have a big house, and et cetera.

Uncharacteristically for a Deerling, she was always rather clumsy and big. Her parents didn’t really discriminate based on this at all, and Seren grew up very happy. She went into preschool a happy little girl with the intention of making friends. This was where it all started, with the Glameow who didn’t want to share her dolls because “she doesn’t even look like a Deerling” and “she’s going to knock it all over”! Seren, angered by the comment but not entirely put off, went to play with someone else and at the time that seemed like the end of it. She went home that evening and asked her mother about the whole incident, while her mother simply brushed it off and told her she was completely fine and she couldn’t see why any little girl wouldn’t want to play with her.

As she grew into elementary school, she was always bigger than the other girls. She never quite grew out of her baby fat and her love for food probably didn’t help with that either. Her two older siblings and herself often celebrated with pizza, and as the parents weren’t usually there, it was often Tanner, in his teenage years, who set up the food for Ryder and Seren. As a young girl, she attracted several friends due to her confident personality. From a young age, she aspired to gain high marks and eventually attend college and be just like her big brother Tanner, the Sawsbuck. It was around fifth grade that she began to actually get bullied for this. The Glameow girl was behind it—she and Seren had never exactly been friends, but in that grade where all the “dating” began happening that she decided the girl should become known as the tarnish on society she really was. She called her fat, useless, ugly, and unworthy of any friends or anyone on multiple occasions. It wasn’t even that the Glameow was terribly popular, but she constantly harassed Seren so much that she gave up even trying to argue back and sank down into little more than a shadow. Her friends didn’t really want to be seen around her because of the “nutso” Glameow and they were afraid to be teased themselves.

Junior high was hellish for Seren. The teasing only continued and finally, in eighth grade, she’d had enough. She was going to graduate into high school and she was determined not to spend one more school dance sitting at home wishing she'd have a date and wishing she was prettier, one more year hating herself. Wanting some control in her life, and not wanting to be “ugly and fat her whole life”, she was going to make a change. So she stopped eating, towards the end of the year and through that summer. She would hide in her room through meals, claiming she wasn’t hungry and she’d eat later. Tanner and Ryder worried, quite a bit for their sister. She had become so withdrawn and empty, unwilling to tell anyone what was wrong or why she was even doing this, thinner it seemed by the day.

Going into high school she finally found herself with some friends, because of her new painstaking appearance and her finally exuding some of that confidence she’d lost over the past few years. She hadn’t fully won over the Glameow, but the teasing had mostly stopped. Seren still wasn’t really happy—she hadn’t gotten quite skinny enough over the summer, so she decided she’d cut her eating even more than she already had. It was at this point that she became incredibly weak and often fainted. Eventually, one fainting incident her brother, Ryder called into the hospital and she was put in for her anorexia. Her parents were shocked by this, surprised they hadn’t found out sooner but made sure to tell Ryder to keep a closer watch on his sister. She was put into rehabilitation and slowly, learned how to eat more food.

She stayed at the quo of a few friends at school, but knowing they didn’t care about her weight made her happy. She finally had a date to her sophomore year homecoming, which made her happiest of all. At this point, she was thinking her life was completely remade. Although from time to time she still struggled with her eating habits, she was recovering and she was happy. That was until the day in gym class in which her arm transformed into a long, hooked axe like blade and completely terrified everyone in class. Seren, at this point, demanded to know exactly what was wrong now and mystified, Ryder and Seren asked their parents and their brother Tanner about it. Tanner happened to know that it was something called a Demon Weapon was what Seren happened to be, and she’d need to go to a place called the Death Weapon Meister Academy.

Seren was very reluctant to leave her life as a normal high school student, but the fact that she was now probably a freak to the whole school and urges from her brother and family convinced her into making the decision of enrolling to the DWMA and hopefully, maybe becoming a legendary Death Scythe some day.
:iconflowerhdplz:Personality: A bit hasty, rash in nature. Often jumps to conclusions and can overthink things, is eager to get to her goals and won’t let anything stand in her way. Coming from a big city, she’s used to being busy and hates seeing when others are lazy. She tends to overwork herself and when she does she’ll usually snap or take some time by herself. Although she may not seem like the type she really appreciates the occasional stop, looking at nature. She gets bored very easily and needs things to entertain her, if she’s just sitting around doing nothing she’ll usually find one thing or another to keep herself busy with.
Also very absorbed in appearances, she thinks if you want to be someone really good than you have to look like it. The physical world around her is very obsessed with appearance and she feels as if she needs to keep up with everyone else. This explains her history with anorexia, and ever since she was put into rehabilitation she still sort of has to force herself into eating properly. As for her views on others, appearance wise, she might be turned off by appearances at first but if she gets to know you then it won’t really matter. She is rather judgmental, however for her personality does ultimately rule over appearance. She’s more likely to approach someone she finds attractive, however.

:iconflowerhdplz:Additional info:
:bulletyellow: Extremely closed off about her history. She won't really discuss it, if it is brought up she will say something short of a few words like, "I lived in the city with my two brothers, pretty nice childhood" and leave it at that.
:bulletyellow: She's still terrified of gaining weight, but tries to calm herself a bit on that and let herself relax. However, she still eats as if she's on a diet and makes sure to be healthy as possible. She wants to make sure she can still fit into her dresses, since she knows she doesn't exactly have the fastest metabolism.
:bulletyellow: Weighs in at the order of 103 pounds and height wise, stands at 5 feet flat.
:bulletyellow: She actually does enjoy fashion quite a bit, and owns many outfits--color coordinated greatly to the changing colors of her fur. Things that are fuzzy, she has a soft spot for, such as fur coats and the like.
:bulletyellow: Her brother, Ryder was a Zebstrika and her brother Tanner was a Sawsbuck. She was closer to Ryder, the younger one who spent a lot of time with her when her parents didn't.
:bulletyellow: She's scared to evolve into Sawsbuck since she's seen her brother and mother's antlers and think they look masculine, especially the fact that they go bare in the winter and spring.
:bulletyellow: Winter is her least favorite season. She gets cold easily due to her...lack of much fat, and seeks the protection of things with fluff on them. She hates the cold with a burning passion and keeps indoors exclusively during this time. She also thinks the brown color her fur turns is rather gross.
:bulletyellow: Her favorite season is spring, since she likes the blossoms and enjoys the pink color of her fur, as well as putting flowers in her hair from time to time. Being a Grass type she likes seeing all the plants come back to life.
:bulletyellow: Terrified of fire, needles, and dogs. Dogs is mainly because she has an allergy to canines that can make her eyes redden and occasionally for her to break out in hives--this happened once with someone in junior high and to her it was one of the most embarrassing thing in her life to have them all over her skin.
:bulletyellow: Sexuality wise, she's very open and won't judge based on that considering her close brother Ryder is openly homosexual.
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MimiSparkle Jul 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Seren is a beautiful name, nice choice for that. And great job on her backstory! ouo
fancyfur Jul 3, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you! ovo I thought it fit u v u
And thanks again, I had to be careful with the eating disorder and everything XD
leafpool12 Jul 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
omg she is so cute~! awesome job
fancyfur Jul 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you so much ; v ;
leafpool12 Jul 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
welcome ^^
RosieSakura Jul 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Omg, she's adorb.
I really love her weapon form and her history!
fancyfur Jul 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thank you Rosie deer dear :heart:
ahahaha yay : D The weapon I got some help with XD But I liked the idea of kind of a feminine looking axe? And a deer axe pff XD
RosieSakura Jul 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I see what you did deer there
Deers and axe make a perfect combanation. It's also funny how Seren's afraid of dogs and Carter's technically a canine. xD
fancyfur Jul 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hehehehe I knew you would :iconheplz:
Pfft yes XD Oh wow I didn't even notice that |D Well, I doubt Seren would appreciate Carter trying to flirt with her anyways xD
Emboars Jul 2, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
mkay so she's kinda perf <3 and I'm loving her weapon form it's so girly but so bamf at the same time :'D
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